Bird Protect™ Offshore

Bird Protect™ Offshore

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Bird Protect™ Offshore

Bird Protect™ Offshore is our the innovative bird deterrence system specifically designed for offshore wind farms. Featuring IP68 protection and specialized spraying nozzles, Bird Protect Offshore is capable of withstanding the harsh offshore environment and keeping the cameras clean from salt residue.

The only bird control system

Bird Protect Offshore is the only bird control system installed in the Mediterranean, making it the leading choice for offshore wind farms. Whether for fixed or floating wind turbines in the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, or North Sea, Bird Protect is the ultimate solution for bird deterrence, ensuring sustainable energy production while preserving wildlife populations. With its advanced M.L. algorithms and reliable bird detection capabilities, Bird Protect Offshore is the ideal solution for minimizing bird collisions with offshore wind turbines.

Bird Protect™ Offshore
Bird Protect™ Offshore

Specialized cleaning system

With its specialized cleaning system, Bird Protect Offshore is able to maintain clear and accurate imaging capabilities, even in the harshest offshore environments. This ensures that the system operates at peak performance, providing reliable bird deterrence and promoting sustainable wind energy production.

Ease of use and installation

Designed for ease of use and installation, Bird Protect Offshore is the perfect solution for any offshore wind farm looking to reduce bird collisions without compromising energy production. By utilizing advanced technology to protect bird populations, Bird Protect Offshore promotes a sustainable balance between wind energy production and environmental conservation.

Pause Phase
Deterrence phase

The power of Bird Protection

Fly the bird towards the wind turbine to see in action the Bird Protection System

Detection phase
Irida Ai Technoogies

Bird Protect™ is based on a Machine Learning algorithm

that detects birds with the highest accuracy possible and reduces false positives to a minimum, thus giving more running time for your turbines.

Bird Protect™ is the most advanced bird deterrent system in the market. It is constantly being trained on the fly gathering data from more than 150 installations

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