Bird Protect

Bird Protect

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How it works

Bird Protect™ is a bird detection and deterrence system that is designed to protect birds from colliding with wind turbines. The system uses high definition cameras that are installed at a height of around 10 meters above the ground, which scan the sky around the wind farm to detect birds. The images captured by the cameras are processed using machine learning algorithms that are trained to distinguish between birds and other moving objects, such as planes, blades, and clouds. Every WTG is equipped with 4 special stainless steel (316) boxes, which are all mounted on the tower with high quality neodymium magnets with santoprene coating. Each box is equipped with eight-megapixel super starlight cameras. When a bird is detected, the system monitors its course to determine whether it poses a threat to the wind turbine. If the bird enters the deterrence zone, which is a predefined area around the turbine where birds are at risk of colliding with the blades, the system emits a sound to make the bird change its course. This sound is designed to be unpleasant to birds and to encourage them to fly away from the danger area. If the bird continues to fly towards the wind turbine despite the sound, the system will shut down the turbine until the bird leaves the danger area. This is done to prevent the bird from colliding with the blades, which can be fatal for the bird and can also cause damage to the turbine. Once the bird has left the danger area, the turbine can be restarted, and the system resumes its monitoring. Overall, Bird Protect is an innovative solution that uses advanced technology to protect birds from the potential dangers of wind turbines. By detecting and deterring birds from entering the danger zone, the system helps to minimize the risk of collisions, which can be harmful to both birds and wind turbines.

Detection Phase

The detection phase of the system involves the use of high-resolution cameras that continuously scan the covered area for birds or bats. The cameras used in the Bird Protect System are equipped with advanced daytime and thermal imaging technology. Daytime cameras capture high-resolution color images of the covered area, while thermal cameras capture heat signatures emitted by birds and other flying objects. These cameras work in combination with artificial intelligence algorithms to identify birds in real-time. The artificial intelligence algorithms used in the Bird Protect System are trained to distinguish between birds and other flying or moving objects such as planes, blades, insects, or debris. The system uses machine learning video content analysis algorithms to continuously improve its detection capabilities. These algorithms use classifiers and large databases of bird images to achieve high levels of accuracy in identifying bird species. The Bird Protect System also has the capability to record images and video sequences of bird activity in the covered area. These recordings can be used for further analysis and to provide evidence of bird activity to stakeholders such as environmental regulators.

Bird Protect
Bird Protect

Deterrence Phase

The deterrence phase of the Bird Protect System involves using acoustic warnings to deter birds from flying into the collision-risk area. When a bird is detected by the system and it enters the deterrence zone, it is immediately given an acoustic warning through directional reflective horns. The directional reflective horns are designed to amplify and focus the sound waves in a specific direction towards the detected bird. The sound emitted by the horns is a non-harmful and non-invasive warning that is intended to alert the bird to the presence of a collision-risk area. The Bird Protect System monitors the behavior of the treated birds during and after the warning is given. If the direction of the bird's flight path has not been deflected in a sufficient order, the sound is applied again until the bird leaves the protected area. The system is designed to avoid causing harm or distress to the birds while effectively deterring them from flying into the collision-risk area. The acoustic warning is calibrated to the specific frequency range that is effective in deterring birds without causing them physical harm or distress. Overall, the deterrence phase of the Bird Protect System is an important component of the overall system that helps to reduce the risk of bird collisions with man-made structures. The acoustic warnings provided by the system are an effective way to deter birds without causing harm, and the continuous monitoring of bird behavior ensures that the system is operating at optimal effectiveness.

Wind Turbine Pause Phase

In the Wind Turbine Pause Phase of the Bird Protect System, further actions are taken if a bird does not respond to the acoustic warnings and continues to fly towards the wind turbine. In this situation, the system automatically pauses the rotation of the blades to prevent a collision. The pause in the rotation of the blades is a temporary measure that allows the bird to fly out of the protected area safely. The advanced detection technology used by the system minimizes the shutdown incidents of the Wind Turbine Generators. This reduces the downtime of the wind turbine and minimizes any negative impact on the energy production. The algorithm used in the Bird Protect System can be easily adjusted through the WEB-Cloud Platform to different bird sizes and according to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. This ensures that the system is optimized for the specific wind turbine installation and the bird species present in the area. The pause in the rotation of the blades is a critical component of the Bird Protect System, as it provides an additional layer of protection for birds while minimizing the impact on energy production. The automated nature of the pause feature ensures that it is triggered quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of bird collisions with wind turbines. Overall, the Wind Turbine Pause Phase of the Bird Protect System is an important component of the overall system that provides an effective solution for protecting birds and minimizing the impact on energy production. The advanced detection technology, automatic pause feature, and easy customization make the system a valuable tool for wind turbine operators and environmental conservationists alike.

Bird Protect™ Offshore
Pause Phase
Deterrence phase

The power of Bird Protection

Fly the bird towards the wind turbine to see in action the Bird Protection System

Detection phase
Irida AI Technologies

Bird Protect is based on a Machine Learning algorithm

that detects birds with the highest accuracy possible and reduces false positives to a minimum, giving more running time for your turbines.

Our Bird Protect System is the most advanced bird deterrent system in the market. It is constantly being trained on the fly gathering data from more than 240 installations

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